Maken no Hime wa Ero Ero desu Episode 4 [Sub-ENG]


‘Wh-wh-exactly what are we gonna do?!’ cries the 1st princess of the kingdom of Macden, Shiira Magnus, wielding a firesome sword. Appearing in front of the two troubled childhood friends is the person that well known because person with unmatched beauty, elf Nina. She taught the two everything they know. Inside the castle, Nina couldn’t help herself and touched the cursed magic sword that has been hidden in the treasure room, in the basement. And with that, the trio’s erotic adventures to save Shiira began…

‘What have you been doing, you monster! Who do you think I’m!’ shouts Shiira as jane is held down. In addition to her is an orc that strips her of her armor and licks her around Percentu Facing her is Nina, holding a whip with a wicked smile on her face. Unable to do just about anything to Nina who whips her everywhere she will, Shiira takes it as being she begins to feel a tingle through the pain…


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