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anime porn

Technical Information

Episodes: 2

Status: In Release

Release: 2019

Animation Studio: BOMB! CUTE! BOMB!

Genre: Big Tits, Lolicon, Maid, Harem

Censure: Yes

Audio / Subtitle: Japanese / English


Studio “BOMB! CUTE! BOMB!”announced a hentai anime adaptation of the RPG game “How to build a wonderful nation?”from the Studio IrisField.

The protagonist of the story is a former elite knight Aion, who was expelled from the country and lost fame and honor. Ariana-Princess, who recently took the throne of Aegon and now she has to deal with the numerous problems that have accumulated under the previous ruler. The main character meets Princess Arianna and her faithful companions – Lulu, Lucia, Luca. Now they will work together to restore the former greatness of their nation, under the slogan ” Make It great again!”.